Frames That Complement Your Paintings

The perfect frame can make a painting or a print appear even more beautiful by simply drawing the right amount of attention to your piece. Selecting just the right frame for your artwork can be tricky, so you can rely on the expertise of the professionals at Hillcrest Gallery Custom Framing & Fine Art in Little Rock, Arkansas, to guide you in finding the perfect treatment for your taste and budget. We offer personalized mat and frame design to give your paintings and prints a unique look, specifically designed for your home or office. Oversize framing is available for large art pieces. 

Innovative & Creative Mat Design

This option is beneficial for new art or pieces that need to be updated and refreshed. We work closely with each customer to select the perfect color and balance for your work of art. To best suit your taste, you can choose from many different colors, sizes, textures, and fabrics. This approach to mat design esthetically creates a space in which the image can be visually appreciated, and on a conservation level it creates a protective space between the glass and the artwork.


Showcase your keepsakes and memorabilia in a custom-designed shadowbox. These presentation pieces are the ideal choice when you want to display any kind of 3-dimensional objects such as sports memorabilia, cherished family heirlooms, or even a christening gown or wedding dress.

Frame Samples

We can also preserve and protect team photos, game schedules, and special game or concert tickets for you to display and enjoy. 

Different Examples of Frames

Reframing & Repair

Just because a frame falls off the wall and breaks does not mean you have to throw it away. Bring it to us for frame repair. When you want to update the look and style of your frames, we recommend reframing. We basically start from scratch to create a new frame that enhances your paintings, prints, or photographs.